Warid SMS Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

SMS is the easiest way to keep in touch with your near and dear ones. You can convey your personal messages via SMS even in the presence of others. That’s why; most of the Warid users prefer SMS packages. Warid offers a variety of SMS packages for its users. These packages are available for daily, weekly and monthly basis. Here, I have compiled a list of all SMS packages. Let’s move to the list.

Warid Daily SMS Packages

Warid users can avail of a variety of daily SMS packages. These packages are for users who are fond of too much chatting. In a daily package, you get sufficient volume of SMS for the entire day. Every SMS package is expired by midnight on the same day.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle Rs.6 + Tax 1800 SMS + 10MB Dial *334# Dial *334*2# 1 Day
Super F&F Offer Rs. 10 On-net: Free for 1 Super F&F No. SMS: Free for 1 Super F&F No. Dial *141*Number# Dial *141*2# 1 Day
Apna Shehr Offer Rs. 11.94 (incl of Tax) Unlimited Jazz + Warid Minutes 1500 SMS, 100MB Dial *229# Dial *229*2# Same day midnight

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Warid Weekly SMS Packages

Warid offers some weekly SMS packages for users who want even more volume of SMS for a longer time. These SMS offers to ensure the consumption of more SMS in seven days. On the seventh day of the week, your package will expire. Check here the details of weekly SMS packages.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Weekly Bundle-Once Off Rs.15 + Tax 1500 SMS + 25MB Dial *101*1*07# Dial *101*1*07*2# 7 Days
Haftawar Offer Rs. 102 (incl of Tax) 1000 On-net min, 100MB, 1000 SMS Dial *407# Dial *407*2# 7 Days
Haftawaar All Rounder Offer Rs. 100.4 (incl of Tax) 1000 On-net min,50 off-net min, 250MBs, 1000 SMS Dial *747# Dial *747*2# 7 Days
Weekly All Network Offer Rs. 155 (incl of Tax) 1000 On-net min,50 off-net min, 300MBs, 1000 SMS Dial *700# Dial *700*2# 7 Days
Mega Super Duper Weekly Rs. 250+t 2500 On-net min,50 off-net min, 5000MB, 2500 SMS Dial *505# Dial *505*2# 7 Days

Warid Monthly SMS Packages

Besides the above-given daily and weekly SMS, there are some economic monthly SMS packages. Warid offers these packages for users who want to save even more money. These attractive packages are valid for 30 days once you subscribe to any of them. Check the subscription and incentives details here.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Monthly Bundle Rs 70 12000 SMS + 5000MBs Dial *101*1*02# Dial *101*1*02*2# 30 Days
Monthly Hybrid Bundle Rs 390 10,000 On-net min, 1000MB, 10000 SMS Dial *430# Dial *430*2# 30 Days
Monthly Super Duper Rs 460 2000 On-net min,100 off-net min, 2000MB, 2000 SMS Dial *706# Dial *706*2# 30 Days
Super Duper CARD Rs 600 2000 On-net min,150 off-net min, 2000MB, 2000 SMS Dial *601# Dial *601*2# 30 Days
Monthly Super Duper Plus Rs 799 3000 On-net min,200 off-net min, 5000MB, 3000 SMS Dial *707# Dial *707*2# 30 Days

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Warid SMS Packages Un-Subscription Codes

SMS PackagesUn-Subscription Codes
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle Dial *334*4#
Super F&F Offer Dial *141*4#
Apna Shehr Offer Dial *229*4#
Weekly Bundle-Once Off Dial *101*1*07*4#
Haftawar Offer Dial *407*4#
Haftawaar All Rounder Offer Dial *747*4#
Weekly All Network Offer Dial *700*4#
Mega Super Duper Weekly Dial *505*4#
Monthly Bundle Dial *101*1*02*4#
Monthly Hybrid Bundle Dial *430*4#
Monthly Super Duper Dial *706*4#
Super Duper CARD Auto expires
Monthly Super Duper Plus Auto expires
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