Warid Call Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Warid is a part of Jazz telecom now. The users of Warid can use all the Jazz call packages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Warid users get not only free on-net (Jazz/Warid) minutes but also free minutes for other networks, browsing data, and SMS in these packages. Here, I have listed all the call packages for Warid users on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Check the details of these packages here.

Warid Daily Call Packages

Warid users who aren’t fond of calling frequently can choose any short-term package from the daily call offers. These call packages are valid for one day only. Check the subscription and price details of these plans here.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Jazz Super Plus Offer Rs.28 incl.Tax 500 On-Net Min 5 Off-Net Min 500MB + 500 SMS Dial *558# Dial *558*2# 1 Day
Jazz Super F&F Package Rs.10 incl.Tax 100,000 On-Net Min 100,000 SMS Dial *141*F&F_Number# Dial *141*2# 1 Day
Super Daily Call Offer Rs.17 incl.Tax 300 Free On-Net Min 150MB Dial *212# Dial *212*2# 1 Day
Jazz Har Din Package Rs.21.51 + Tax 500 Free On-Net Min 50MB Internet Dial *114*4# Dial *114*4*2# 1 Day

Warid 3-Day Call Packages

3-Day call packages are particularly useful for the users who aren’t often fond of calling too much. These call packages bring the uninterrupted and the best voice quality. Check the details of these short-term packages below.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Jazz 3 Day Bundle Rs.36 incl.Tax 500 Jazz min Dial *211# Dial *211*2# 3 Days

Warid Weekly Call Packages

Warid offers these weekly call packages for its esteemed users. If you want to get lots of minutes to talk unlimited times, consider these packages. These are indeed the best ones for users who want to get some other incentives with the on-net call minutes.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer Rs.115 Inc. Tax 1000 On-Net Min Off-Net 20 Min 1000 SMS, 500MB Dial *407# Dial *407*2# 7 Days
Jazz Weekly All Network Offer Rs. 155 (Incl. tax) 1000 On-Net Min 50 Off-Net Min, 1000MB +1000 SMS Dial *700# Dial *700*2# 7 Days
Super Duper Weekly Offer Rs. 199 (Incl. tax) 1500 On-Net Min 50 Off-Net Min, 1500 SMS 3000MB Dial *770# Dial *770*2# 7 Days
Jazz Weekly Super Plus Rs. 222 (Incl. tax) 5000 On-Net Min 50 Off-Net Min, 5000 SMS, 10GB Dial *505# Dial *505*2# 7 Days
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer (Offer Valid for Chiniot Only) Rs. 115 (Incl. tax) 1500 On-Net Min 50 Off-Net Min, 1500 SMS 1.5GB Dial *664# Dial *664*2# 7 Days
Sargodha Weekly Offer (Offer Valid for Sargodha Only) Rs. 88.9 (Incl. tax) 2000 On-Net Min, 2000 SMS, 2GB Dial *627# Dial *627*2# 7 Days
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Offer Rs. 100 (Incl. tax) 1000 On-Net Min, 50 Off-Net Min,1000 SMS, 250MB Dial *747# Dial *747*2# 7 Days

Warid Monthly Call Packages

Warid users can also avail of the long-term monthly call packages. These call packages bring lots of on-net and off-net minutes for Warid users besides free browsing data and other incentives. Check here the details of these packages.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle Rs.444 incl.Tax 10,000 On-Net Min (333 Mintues / day, Sunday Unlimited) Off-Net 50 Min1000 SMS 1GB Dial *430# Dial *430*2# 30 Days
Jazz Monthly All Rounder Package Rs.596 incl.Tax 200 All-Network Min 1500 SMS 5GB Dial *2000# Dial *2000*2# 30 Days
Monthly Super Duper Rs. 577 (Incl. tax) 3000 Jazz+Warid Min Off-net: 150 Min, 3GB, 3000 SMS Dial *706# Dial *706*2# 30 Days
Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card Rs.600 incl.Tax 2000 On-Net Min 150 Off-Net Min 2000 SMS, 2GB Dial *601# Dial *601*2# 30 Days
Jazz Super Duper Plus Card Rs. 977 (Incl. tax) 5000 On-Net Min 300 Off-Net Min, 5000 SMS, 10GB Dial *707# Dial *707*2# 30 Days

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Warid Postpaid Call Packages

Warid doesn’t ignore the postpaid users. It offers the best and affordable postpaid call packages for them. These packages are valid for 30 days. If you are a postpaid user of Warid telecom, you can subscribe to any of these packages.

Package NamePriceDetailsValidity
J 1500 Rs. 1500 Unlimited Jazz + Warid Min, 500 off-net Min, 7000 SMS +7000MB (1GB Facebook + Whatsapp) 30 Days
J 999 Rs. 999 Unlimited Jazz + Warid Min, 500 off-net min, 2000MB, 1000 SMS 30 Days
J 600 Rs. 600 2000 Jazz + Warid Min, 300 Min, 1000MB + 300 SMS 30 Days
J 300 Rs. 300 1000 Jazz + Warid Min, 150 Min 500MB + 150 SMS 30 Days

Warid Sindh Call Packages [Prepaid]

Warid brings this flexible offer for the users from Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Kotri, Dadu, Mirpur Khas, Tando Adam, Tando Alayaar, and other regions of Sindh. Check the call packages to select a suitable one.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Jazz Sindh Haftawar Offer Rs.210 incl.Tax 5000 Jazz/Warid Min 50 Off-Net Min, 10 GB (5GB between 2AM - 2PM) 5000 SMS Dial *406# Dial *406*2# 7 Days
Jazz Sindh Rabta Offer Rs. 53.3 incl.Tax 1000 Free On-Net Min Dial *766# Dial *766*2# 7 Days
Jazz Sindh Call Offer Rs. 12 incl.Tax Unlimited Free On-Net Min, 250MB Data 1500 SMS Dial *522# Dial *522*2# 7 Days

Warid Punjab Call Offer [Prepaid]

If you are from Punjab, you can subscribe to the Punjab call offer. The package is available at an extremely economical price. However, it’s valid for some selective cities of Punjab such as Mandi Bahauddin, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Jhang, Bhakkar, Sialkot, Mianwali, Hafizabad, Sargodha, and Sheikhupura.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Jazz Punjab Package Rs.8.4 incl.Tax 100 Jazz Min, 100 SMS Dial *6000# Dial *6000*2# 1 Day

Warid KPK Call Offer [Prepaid]

The people from Khyber Pakhtunkhawa can also subscribe to a very attractive call package. Warid brings this economic package for KPK users to keep them connected with their loved ones. Currently, the offer is available for Peshawar, Bajaur Agency, Kurran Agency, Khyber Agency, Charsada, Chakwal, Talagang, Mardan, Jhelum, Mohmand Agency, Taxila, Attock, Bannu, Haripur, Hangu, Tank, Nowshera, Kotli, Dera Ismail Khan, Mansehra and other areas.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
KPK Daily Offer Rs.12 incl.Tax Unlimited On-Net Min, 1500 SMS, 100MB Dial *522# Dial *522*2# 1 Day

Warid Karachi Call Offer [Prepaid]

Warid offers this economic call package for the people from Karachi. The call package brings not only the Warid/Jazz free minutes but also some other incentives. Check the package details below.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package Rs.12 incl.Tax 100000 On-Net Min, 1500 SMS, 250MB Dial *400# Dial *400*2# 1 Day

Warid Apna Shehar Call Offer [Prepaid]

Warid users from Shorkot, Jhang, Dinga, Kot Addu, Rajanpur, Pir Mahal, Toba Tek Singh, Dera Ghazi Khan, Head Faqeeran, Malakwal, Mandi Bahauddin and other northern areas of Punjab can subscribe to this affordable call package. The package is valid for one day. Check the details here.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionCheck StatusValidity
Apna Shehar Package Rs.10 incl.Tax 100000 On-Net Min, 100000 SMS, 100MB Dial *229# Dial *229*2# 1 Day

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Warid Call Packages Un-Subscription Codes

Call PackagesUn-Subscription Codes
Jazz Super Plus Offer Dial *558*4#
Jazz Super F&F Package Dial *141*4#
Super Daily Call Offer Dial *212*4#
Jazz Har Din Package Dial *114*4*4#
Jazz 3 Day Bundle Dial *211*4#
Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer Dial *407*4#
Jazz Weekly All Network Offer Dial *700*4#
Super-Duper Weekly Offer Dial *770*4#
Jazz Weekly Super Plus Dial *505*2#
Chiniot Weekly Hybrid Offer Dial *664*2#
Sargodha Weekly Offer Dial *627*2#
Jazz Haftawar All Rounder Offer Dial *747*2#
Jazz Monthly Hybrid Bundle Dial *430*4#
Jazz Monthly All-Rounder Package Dial *2000*4#
Monthly Super Duper Dial *706*4#
Jazz Super Duper Monthly Card Auto expires
Jazz Super Duper Plus Card Auto expires
Jazz Sindh Haftawar Offer Dial *406*4#
Jazz Sindh Rabta Offer Dial *766*4#
Jazz Sindh Call Offer Dial *522*4#
Apna Shehar Package Dial *229*4#
Karachi Daily Hybrid Package Dial *400*4#
KPK Daily Offer Dial *522*4#
Jazz Punjab Package Dial *6000*4#
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