The Complex Path of Miko Peled: From an Israeli General’s Family to Palestinian Advocacy

Miko Peled, an Israeli-American activist and author, has garnered attention for his support of the Palestinian cause amid the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict.

Peled’s background is significant, born in Jerusalem in 1961 to a prominent Zionist family with deep ties to Israel’s history. His grandfather, Avraham Katsnelson, played a key role in signing Israel’s Declaration of Independence. In contrast, his father, Mattityahu Peled, was a general during the Six-Day War of 1967 but held principled beliefs that diverged from the mainstream.

Mattityahu Peled advocated for dialogue between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and criticized the Israeli military’s occupation of various territories. He earned the nickname “Abu Salam” (Father of Peace) from prominent Palestinians.

Initially following in his father’s footsteps by enlisting in Israel’s Special Forces, Miko Peled’s military experience left him disheartened, leading to his transition into a role as a medic.

After the 1982 Lebanon war left him disgusted, he abandoned his military path and embraced karate, a discipline of non-violence. This journey eventually took him to Japan and San Diego, where he settled with his family and achieved a sixth-degree black belt in karate.

Peled is known as an accomplished international speaker and the author of two books, “The General’s Son: The Journey of an Israeli in Palestine” and “Injustice: The Story of the Holy Land Foundation Five.”

Championing the Palestinian cause, he has been a vocal critic of Israel’s policies and military actions in Gaza, despite his family’s historical ties to the Israeli military.

Miko Peled’s views, often expressed through social media, have sparked controversy and criticism from some quarters. Critics argue that his stance is one-sided, but Peled sees himself as a proponent of peace and coexistence in the region.

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