Telenor Call Packages: Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Telenor telecom holds a stable platform in Pakistan. It’s an immensely popular telecom for the clarity of sound during calls. Moreover, due to the affordable and attractive call offers, the users prefer this telecom over other telecom service providers. It brings flexible call packages on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for prepaid users. Here, I am going to discuss all call packages for prepaid and postpaid users of Telenor.

Telenor Daily Call Packages

If you have a low balance or you don’t call often, you can subscribe to any daily call package given below. These call packages are available for different hours of the day and night. Check the details of these plans below.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionValidity
Telenor Good Time Offer Rs 7 Unlimited on-net minutes for 2 hours (except 6pm to 9pm) 200 MB + 50 MB Facebook Available on: Full Day (except 6pm to 9pm) Dial:*345*20# 2 Hours
Telenor Daily Offer Rs 10 10,000 On-net minutes 20MBs Internet Valid from 6 AM to 6 PM Dial *345*006# 1 Day
Telenor Full Day offer Rs 18 Unlimited On-net calls 60MB for social network, 15MB Dial *5*250# 1 Day
Telenor Mini Budget Package Rs 15 50 On-net minutes 4MBs, 300 SMS to all networks Dial *240# 1 Day
Telenor 100 Minute Mini Budget Package Rs 18 100 On-net minutes 300 free SMS to all networks Dial *050# 1 Day

To check remaining minutes: Dial *222#

To Unsubscribe: Dial *345#

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Telenor 3-Days Call Packages

If you are fond of calling to your friends and loved ones, 3-Day call packages are here for you. These call plans bring some more attractive incentives too. Check the details here to subscribe to any of them.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionValidity
3 Din Sahulat Offer Rs. 47.80 25 Offnet Minutes 250 Minutes SMS:250 50MB Internet along with 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook Dial:*5*3# 3 Days
3 Day Din Bhar Offer Rs. 24.50 Make unlimited calls to any Telenor number for 3 Days from 6 AM to 6 PM Dial:*345*626# 3 Days
3 Day Super hit Rs. 34.00 Unlimited free calls except 7pm-10pm Dial:*345*299# 3 Days
All in One Offer Rs. 50.00 Rs 75 Balance for All Network Calls & SMS 500 MB 4G Dial *2*20# 3 Days
3 Day Onnet Offer Rs. 30.00 250 Telenor Minutes SMS:500 SMS 15 MB (3G) Dial:*730# 3 Days
Telenor 3/3 OFFER Rs. 46.61 600 on-net minutes SMS: 300 50 MB (2G, 3G & 4G) Dial:*345*243# 3 Days

To check remaining minutes: Dial *222#

To Unsubscribe: Dial *345#

Telenor Weekly Call Packages

Telenor users can subscribe to a weekly call package if they want some more flexible plans. The weekly call plans bring not only free on-net minutes but also free browsing data and social MBs. Check the price and subscription details below.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionValidity
Haftawaar Chappar Phaar Offer Rs. 90.00 1200 + 800 Onnet Mins 70 MB Internet Activate via website/Telenor App 7 Days
Haftawar Sahulat Offer Rs. 115.00 Offnet: 70 Min 1000 Min On-Net SMS: 700 100MB internet along with 350MB Social Pack Dial *5*7# 7 Days
Telenor 2 Paisa Weekly Offer Rs. 4.78 2paisa/sec for all network Dial *345*227# 7 Days
Seven Day Mini Budget Offer Rs. 86 500 On-net minutes 1000 SMS, 50MBs Dial *345*247# 7 Days
Telenor EasyCard Weekly Package Rs 150 500 On-net minutes 500 SMS, 50 Off-net minutes, 750MBs internet data Load a card to subscribe the offer 7 Days

To check remaining minutes: Dial *222#

To Unsubscribe: Dial *345#

Telenor Monthly Call Packages

Besides the above-given short-term call plans, Telenor offers a variety of monthly call packages for users. These call packages bring lots of incentives at economic prices. Check the details here.

Package NamePriceDetailsSubscriptionValidity
Telenor EasyCard Rs 350 500 Telenor + PTCL mins, 50 Other Network mins, 500 SMS, 500 MB Load an EasyCard to subscribe 30 Days
Telenor EasyCard Plus Rs 600 2000 On-net minutes 150 Off-net minutes, 2000MBs internet data, 2000 SMS Load an EasyCard to subscribe 30 Days
Telenor Mahana Rakhwala Package Rs 418 3000 On-net minutes 3000 SMS, 300MBs internet data Dial *345*30# 30 Days

To check remaining minutes: Dial *222#

To Unsubscribe: Dial *345#

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Telenor Postpaid Call Packages

Telenor doesn’t neglect the prepaid users. It offers a variety of call packages for them for the entire month. Check the incentives and price details here.

Package NamePriceDetailsValidity
SMART 3000 Rs. 3,000+ Tax Any Network Minutes: 3600 Free SMS: 3000 30 Days
SMART 1500 Rs. 1500+ Tax Any Network Minutes: 1800 Free SMS: 1500 30 Days
SMART 1000 Rs. 1000+ Tax Any Network Minutes: 1200 Free SMS: 1000 30 Days
SMART 600 Rs 600 Any Network Minutes: 700 Free SMS: 100 30 Days
SMART 300 Rs 300 Any Network Minutes: 300 Free SMS: 50 30 Days

To check remaining minutes: Dial *222#

To Unsubscribe: Call at 345

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