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Suzuki and Toyota Pakistan Car Prices Reduce as Dollar Weakens

Suzuki and Toyota have announced new reduced rates for their car amid the rupee gaining value against US dollar. The new vehicle prices are applicable from 16 August 2022.

During the rupee inflation in the last two months and higher prices of raw materials, Suzuki and Toyota had increased car prices. The change in prices became effective after 28 July 2022 however in the month of August, the Pakistani rupee recovered significantly in the interbank market against the US dollar.

Following the decline in US dollar value,  the vehicle prices in Pakistan have also decreased as announced by Indus Motors Limited. Pak Suzuki Motor Companies and Toyota Pakistan have reduced and announced new prices for all variants of their vehicles.

The new prices are applicable from 16 August 2022 on all upcoming orders. However, these prices are subject to change as per the market trends and rupee fluctuation. Besides, any taxes or levies applied by the government at the time of delivery will be paid by the customers.

Pak Suzuki Cars New Prices

Variants Old Price (Rs.) New Prices (Rs.) Increase (Rs.)
Alto VX 1,789,000 1,699,000 90,000
Alto VXR 2,079,000 1,976,000 103,000
Alto VXL 2,399,000 2,223,000 116,000
                                                      Wagon R
Wagon R VXR 2,549,000 2,421,000 128,000
Wagon R VXL 2,699,000 2,564,000 135,000
Wagon R AGS 2,949,000 2,802,000 147,000
Cultus VXR 2,879,000 2,754,000 125,000
Cultus VXL 3,164,000 3,024,000 135,000
Cultus AGS 3,379,000 3,234,000 145,000
Swift GL M/T 3,349,000 3,180,000 169,000
Swift GL CVT 3,599,000 3,420,000 179,000
Swift GLX CVT 3,959,000 3,760,000 199,000
Ravi 1,499,000 1,349,000 75,000
Bolan VX 1,579,000 1,500,000 79,000
Bolan Cargo 1,566,000 1,487,000 79,000

Toyota Cars New Prices

Toyota Corolla
Variants Old Prices News Prices Difference
Corolla 1.6 M/T Rs4,899,000 Rs4,569,000 Rs330,000
Corolla 1.6 A/T Rs5,139,000 Rs4,789,000 Rs350,000
Corolla 1.6 A/T UPSPEC Rs5,639,000 Rs5,279,000 Rs360,000
Corolla 1.8 CVT Rs5,679,000 Rs5,269,000 Rs410,000
Corolla 1.8 CVT SR Rs6,189,000 Rs5,709,000 Rs440,000
Corolla 1.8 CVT SR (BLACK) Rs6,149,000 Rs5,749,000 Rs440,000
Toyota Yaris
Variants Old Prices News Prices Difference
YARIS GLi M/T 1.3 Rs3,799,000 Rs3,539,000 Rs260,000
YARIS GLi CVT 1.3 Rs4,039,000 Rs3,769,000 Rs270,000
YARIS ATIV M/T 1.3 Rs3,999,000 Rs3,729,000 Rs270,000
YARIS ATIV CVT 1.3 Rs4,209,000 Rs3,929,000 Rs280,000
YARIS ATIV X M/T 1.5 Rs4,309,000 Rs4,009,000 Rs300,000
YARIS ATIV X CVT 1.5 Rs4,569,000 Rs4,259,000 Rs310,000
Toyota Hilux Revo
Variants Old Prices News Prices News Prices
REVO G 2.8 M/T Rs9,819,000 Rs9,169,000 Rs650,000
REVO G AUTO 2.8 Rs10,299,000 Rs9,609,000 Rs690,000
REVO V AUTO 2.8 Rs11,349,000 Rs10,599,000 Rs750,000
REVO ROCCO Rs11,999,000 Rs11,179,000 Rs820,000
Toyota Fortuner
Variants Old Prices News Prices News Prices
FORTUNER 2.7 G Rs12,489,000 Rs11,579,000 Rs910,000
FORTUNER 2.7 V Rs14,279,000 Rs13,259,000 Rs1,020,000
FORTUNER 2.8 SIGMA 4 Rs15,069,000 Rs13,969,000 Rs1,100,000
FORTUNER LEGENDER Rs15,839,000 Rs14,699,000 Rs1,140,000

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