Supreme Court Grants Bail to Former Prime Minister Imran Khan After Unlawful Trial Ruling

A day after a separate court deemed the trial of former Prime Minister Imran Khan on charges of leaking state secrets unlawful, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has approved the bail plea of the former leader. Engaging in various legal challenges, Imran Khan seeks release from jail to lead his party in the upcoming general election campaign scheduled for February 8, where his rival, another former prime minister, anticipates victory.

Imran Khan, aged 71, received a three-year prison sentence on August 5th for the illegal sale of state gifts during his tenure as prime minister from 2018 to 2022. According to his attorney, the Supreme Court has accepted the bail request, with the next hearing expected to yield a decision after arguments from both sides.

Khan’s attorney, Naeem Panjutha, conveyed through a tweet on the social networking site X (formerly Twitter), “A decision will come in the next hearing after arguments from both sides.” He mentioned that the Supreme Court will engage with the government on the case, but no specific date for the hearing has been set.

Imran Khan was ousted from office in 2022 following a no-confidence vote in parliament.

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