Altaf Hussain, the Founder of MQM Dramatically Arrested by Scotland Yard Police

On Tuesday morning at 5:30 AM, the Scotland Yard Police started their search and raid operation to arrest Altaf Hussain, the founder of MQM.

LONDON: The Scotland Yard police have arrested the MQM founder, Altaf Hussain from his residence in the North West London.

According to the source, the Scotland Yard police took this action against him for delivering hate speeches on March 11, 2015, and August 22, 2016. FIA had already requested to the London Police through Interpol for his arrest. FIA also provided with the sufficient pieces of evidence to Scotland Yard Police for his involvement in money laundering.

The London police started the search and raid operation at early morning on Tuesday. On 5:30 AM, three dozen detectives of Specialist Operations Unit took part in the search and raid operation against him. The Police directed all the family members to leave the residence at once and then, they arrested Altaf Hussain.

He has taken to the police station where he will be kept for 24 hours for further investigation after medical examination.

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