NAB Arrests Hamza Shahbaz as LHC Rejects His Plea for Bail Extension

The NAB Lahore has arrested Hamza Shahbaz for money laundering and keeping assets beyond income.

LAHORE: Hamza Shabaz filed a plea for bail extension to Lahore High Court. On Tuesday, Lahore High Court rejected his plea for bail extension. Resultantly, he withdrew the bail plea for money laundering and holding assets beyond his income.

Once he withdrew the bail plea, the officials of NAB Lahore arrested him immediately. Hamza Shahbaz is facing the case for corruption in Ramzan Sugar Mills, money laundering via fake bank accounts and for keeping assets beyond income.

While talking to the media, Hamza Shahbaz stated in a peaceful mood that nobody can prove even a single rupee corruption against him. He further stated that he will quite the politics if someone proves the corruption.

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