K-Electric Announces an Increased Tariff for Karachi

K-Electric has announced to increase electricity tariff for the consumers of Karachi.

KARACHI: K-Electric has announced on Wednesday that it is going to increase the tariff for residential, commercial and industrial consumers.

According to the source, K-Electric, the only power distributor in the metropolis has announced the new power tariff for the people of Karachi. According to K-Electric, the residential consumer, exceeding to 700 units per month will pay an additional Rs 3.37/unit. In the same way, the consumers who were paying Rs 17.33/kWh will pay now Rs 20.70/unit.

The residential consumers using between 300 – 700 unit/month will pay Rs 2.15/unit. However, the users consuming below 300 units/month will remain unaffected. They will not pay an additional payment. Before Eid, Karachi consumer will get another shock from K-Electric and the increased electricity tariff will be an additional burden on their affordability.

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