Govt. to Increase Petroleum Prices by Rs 12/Litre Before Eid

OGRA has prepared the summery of proposal to increase the prices of petroleum products.

ISLAMABAD: The Govt. is going to increase the petroleum prices once again on 1st June before Eid. OGRA has prepared a proposal of new rates and it will be presented on May 30, 2019. New prices of petrol, diesel, light diesel, and kerosene oil will be effective from June 1st once the Prime Minister of Pakistan approves.

According to the source, Petrol prices will go up by Rs 9.50, High-speed diesel price by Rs 11.50, Light diesel price by Rs 7.85 and kerosene price will rise up by Rs 12/liter.

It is in fact the after effect of rupee depreciation that is increasing the prices of petroleum products. Somehow, it is due to a sudden increase in crude oil prices too.

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