Prime Minister Imran Khan Issues Rs 2 Billion for Subsidy on Basic Food Items in Ramzan

Special Assistant to PM on Information, Firdous Ashiq Awan has stated that PM has directed to issue a subsidy of Rs 2 billion on the basic food items to USC.

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information, Firdous Ashiq Awan told the media that PM Imran Khan has announced a subsidy of Rs 2 Billion for the people in Ramzan 2019. She further says that the PM has issued directions regarding the essential items to be available at affordable rates for the poor people in Utility Stores across the country.

She was addressing the joint conference with the Managing Director of Utility Stores Corporation, Umar Lodhi. She told the media that the prices of the basic items were increased due to a wide gap in demand and supply. But the PM, keeping in mind the affordability and financial condition of the masses, issued directions for Rs 2 billion subsidies to the USC on 19 basic items such as flour, cooking oil, ghee, pulses, bason, rice, soft drinks, dates, and spices, etc.

She further stated that every 20KG sack of flour will be available with Rs 59 subsidy whereas; Rs 5 subsidy will be available on one kg packet of sugar. Ghee will be available with a subsidy of Rs 15/KG and cooking oil with a subsidy of Rs 10/kg.

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