Young Doctors Association Strike Entered Fourth Day Against MTI Reform Act

MTI Reform Act will categorize the patients into three groups- Needy people, Patients with low income and Patients with Good financial resources.

LAHORE: The strike of the Young Doctors Association remained continued on the fourth day in all government hospitals in Punjab. The Young Doctors are protesting against the Medical Teaching Institutions Reform Act of the Government.

The OPDs of all the Government hospitals in Punjab remained closed. It created problems for the patients.

The demand of the Young Doctors Association is that they will continue the strike until the Government stops privatization of the hospitals. They further stated that the Government should stop implementing the MTI act by announcing the security for the doctors.

According to the MTI Law, the system of facilitating the poor and needy patients will be divided into three categories. The first category will contain the poor patients from an impoverished background. The second category will contain the patients with low-income. The third category will include the people who can afford the treatment expenses. So, the Government will collect the funds from such people and will spend on the needy and deserving people.

The Vice-Chancellor of Rawalpindi Medical University, Dr. Muhammad Omar stated that the act is still not presented to the assembly. Once the assembly members finalize the legislation, it will be enforced.

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