Nawaz Sharif Refuses for Angiography from Jinnah Hospital

Nawaz Sharif refuses for Angiography from any public hospital including Jinnah Hospital Lahore.

Nawaz Sharif is not ready for Angiography from Jinnah Hospital. He is admitted to Jinnah Hospital for severe cardiac issues. The Medical Board of Jinnah Hospital has recommended the angiography to him to avoid a critical situation. But Nawaz Sharif is not ready to get cardiac treatment not only from Jinnah Hospital but also from any public hospital.

Maryam Nawaz with Begum Shamim, Nawaz Sharif’s mother visited him. Personal physician of Nawaz Sharif, Dr. Muhammad Adnan Khan stated that a highly specialized setup is required for coronary treatment as it is a very delicate operation and the former premier has met various medical complications in the past.

Dr. Adnan Khan further stated that it is a very complicated matter as Nawaz Sharif is not only suffering from serious cardiac issues, but also from kidney problem. So, his angiography is not possible in any public hospital including Jinnah hospital.

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