PM Imran Khan Authorises Pak Army to Respond Any Aggression, Misadventure by Indian Army

Prime Minister, Imran Khan has directed Pak Army to Respond Strictly to any Misadventure or Aggression by Indian Army

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has authorized Pak Army to respond comprehensively to any misadventure or aggression by India.

The Prime Minister, Imran Khan, was attending a meeting of the National Security Committee on Thursday where the members of the committee discussed the current situation after Pulwama attack and the national security matters in detail.

The forum clarifies that Pakistan is not involved in Pulwama attack by any means. Pakistan has honestly offered to the neighboring country regarding the investigation of the attack. It also offered sincerely to have a dialogue on the terrorism and the disputed matters between the two countries. But the Indian Govt. is raising baseless issues just for nothing.

Based on the current tension between the two countries, the PM has directed the army to respond decisively against any aggressive act of India.

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