Serene Air Launches Affordable Karachi to Beijing Flights via Islamabad

Serene Air, a private airline in Pakistan, has unveiled an incredibly affordable travel option for the Karachi to China route. They announced this enticing offer through a social media post, disclosing a remarkably low price of Rs 125,000 for the Karachi to Beijing flight, which includes a stopover in the capital city, Islamabad.

Commencing from November 18th, this service will transport passengers to Beijing’s Daxing International Airport. Serene Air’s ambitious plan encompasses launching two weekly flights connecting Karachi and Beijing, promising a more cost-effective journey for both Pakistani and Chinese travelers. This development is expected to greatly benefit business professionals, students, and those engaged in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects within Pakistan.

Serene Air has diligently adhered to Pakistani regulations, commencing its domestic operations in 2017 as required before venturing into international markets. The airline has steadily earned a favorable reputation among travelers while making a significant mark in Pakistan’s aviation industry. According to a recent report by the Civil Aviation Authority, Serene Air earned the fourth position in punctuality, boasting an impressive rate of 62.07%.

Currently, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) collaborates with Air China to facilitate connected flights connecting Pakistan to 16 key Chinese cities via Beijing.

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