Serene Air Commences Operations to China, Strengthening Bilateral Ties

Serene Air, a Pakistani private airline, has initiated its operations to China, marking a significant milestone with its inaugural flight landing in Beijing. The flight, originating from Karachi, traveled to Beijing via Islamabad, establishing a crucial air route between the two nations.

Officials celebrated this achievement as a testament to the strong and friendly relations between China and Pakistan, underscoring its substantial impact on trade, investment, travel, and tourism. Khalil Hashmi, Pakistan’s ambassador to China, emphasized the importance of this development, stating that the introduction of private airline services would not only enhance air connectivity but also positively contribute to various sectors, including trade and tourism.

The event highlights the robust relations between Pakistan and China, particularly evident in their strong economic partnership, exemplified by projects such as the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), a vital component of China’s Belt and Road Initiative. With commitments of over $65 billion for infrastructural enhancements in Pakistan, both nations continue to support each other on regional and global platforms.

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