Security Concerns: Nawaz Sharif’s Arrival Details Kept Secret

Shahbaz Sharif confirmed PMLN’s intention to organize the largest rally in history at Minar-e-Pakistan.

Caravans from various regions, including Punjab and other provinces, are en route to Lahore, as per Shehbaz.

Nawaz Sharif expressed his appreciation for the preparations led by his younger brother.

PMLN President Shehbaz Sharif spoke with PMLN leader Nawaz Sharif, currently in the UAE, regarding security measures for his arrival.

Former Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif also updated Nawaz on the arrangements for his return, while Nawaz Sharif discussed recent meetings in Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

“Pakistan is ready to welcome you,” said Shahbaz Sharif.

Security Concerns Surround Nawaz Sharif’s Return as Historic Homecoming Rally Takes Shape”

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