Why India Continuously Changes its Behavior?| Capital Live with Aniqa Full Program 23rd September


Lord Nazir, said, “The Hindutva believing fascist organizations like RSS support BJP. Moreover, Pakistan bashing is the major element for defining Indian political mainstreaming. Whenever Pakistan India peace talks move towards betterment, Hindutva believing fascist groups and media pressurize the government to revert back.” Mona Alam said, “It is the dilemma in Pakistani and Indian politics that whichsoever party comes into government wants to build good relations with the other one while, when the same party sits in opposition benches, opposes Indo-Pak dialogues. India accepts that BSF soldier was killed on the disputed border. But when it comes about the larger image of Kashmir dispute, they claim that Kashmir is an integral part of India.” Shahid Malik, while speaking in program Capital Live with Aniqa said, “Pakistan’s relevance in global politics and the significance of its geostrategic position is becoming more important with the passage of time. India should keep it in mind that they can not pressurize Pakistan.” Shahzad Chaudhry said, “The RSS, BJP and the Corporate nexus of India define the behaviour of state in internal and external affairs, which will prolong Modi’s regime and Indian media will keep on playing the role as a drum beater. BJP came into power through the anti-Pakistan and Hindutwa narrative.”