Police May Arrest Imran Khan under FIR for Threatening Judiciary and Police

Islamabad 21 August 2022: IG Islamabad claims that he has orders to Arrest Former Prime Minister Imran Khan under the Terrorism Act for threatening judiciary and police officials. 

Imran Khan is charged under the anti-terror act claiming that he was threatening police officials as well as the judiciary system especially the female additional session judge at his rally in Islamabad F-9 on 20 August 2022.

FIR was registered against Khan by the federal government under Anti-Terrorism Act, section 7, against the provocative speech delivered by Imran Khan. The case was filed at Islamabad Margalla Police Station. According to FIR, Khan bluntly targeted sensitive state institutes and police officials including DIG and IG Islamabad in his speech. Imran Khan’s speech has spread anxiety and terror among the public, FIR further stated.

Pemra has also ordered News Channels to stop Imran Khan’s speech broadcasting claiming “It has been observed that Mr. Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, in his speeches/statements is continuously alleging state institutions by leveling baseless allegations and spreading hate speech through his provocative statements against state institutions and officers which is prejudicial to the maintenance of law and order and is likely to disturb public peace and tranquility.”

After FIR, Islamabad police issued arrest warrants for Khan, as per resources. PTI senior leaders have also confirmed the news.

Police May Arrest Imran Khan under FIR for Threatening Judiciary and Pollice

Shah Mehmood Queshi also confirmed that the goverment is planning to arrest Imran Khan. According to the resources, thousands of PTI supporters reached Bani Gala to support their leader.

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