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Pakistan Stock Exchange Achieves Record High, Surpasses 56,000 Points

Reaching a historic high of 56,000 on its benchmark index, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) continued its upward momentum, buoyed by robust domestic buying.

On the first working day of the week, the PSX benchmark displayed a strong start, surpassing the 56,000-point milestone, representing another noteworthy achievement.

The stock market, commencing at 55,376 points, witnessed a surge, gaining over 600 points in the early trading hours. The PSX 100-index has consistently demonstrated an upward trend, breaking previous records.

This historic surge is attributed by analysts to the decrease in Pakistan Investment Bonds yields, which stimulated buying at the domestic level.

Furthermore, the positive sentiments generated in the market due to the upward trend in the PSX have become pronounced. The ongoing IMF review is recognized as a crucial factor that will significantly influence the future trajectory of the market.

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