Govt likely to take loans of Rs. 9.60 Billions in FY 2018-19


The Pakistani government is likely to take a loan of Rs9.69 billion during the fiscal year 2018-19, sources.

According to sources, the government can issue euros and Sukuk (Islamic) bonds worth $3 billion, while loans of $2 billion can be taken from commercial banks.

The government is likely to take loans of $840 million from China.

The Asian Development Bank can lend Pakistan $1.38 billion, Islamic Development Bank can provide $1 billion and World Bank can loan out an amount of $700 million.

During July 2018, Pakistan took a loan of nearly $470 million.

State Bank of Pakistan issued details of government dues and loans at the end of the fiscal year 2017-18 on August 28, according to which the government’s debt has reached Rs29.86 trillion.