Cannot even think of becoming information minister: Sheikh Rasheed


Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed said on Saturday he was happy with Ministry of Railways and could not even think of becoming information minister.

The comments came after his earlier claims that Prime Minister Imran Khan offered him Ministry of Information.

“Fawad Chaudhry is the best information minister; I am his supporter and stand by him,” Rasheed said. “I cannot even think of becoming the information minister.”

He said his comments regarding the information minister being on a picnic in London were said in jest.

“I had a word with Fawad yesterday and I told him to return top country in view of the circumstances,” the minister for railways said. “I told him via phone that he is greatly needed [here].”

He described the information minister as an “extremely hardworking person”, saying that no one should consider that he was against Chaudhry.

“I am not eager to become information minister. I’m happy with the railways ministry and will deliver in the same,” Rasheed said.

“Fawad is my brother and he will continue to be the information minister. I will never be a part of any conspiracy against him come what may.”

He lamented that people even record private conversations, saying that may Almighty Allah guide the ones running fake stories to the right path.

Rasheed earlier claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan had offered him to “come to the Ministry of Information.”

The minister for railways was heard speaking so to officials prior to formally addressing a press conference in Lahore. He claimed he held four meetings with the prime minister on Friday.

Rasheed said the information minister “is on a picnic in London for the last eight days and I have asked him to return.”

Questioned by a reporter later at the presser what his response would be, if asked by the premier for a change of portfolio.

“I’d say love you. Thank you very much,” Rasheed replied.

Reacting to the development, Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry had said he would be more than happy to vacate his position for Rasheed and serve as an MNA instead.