SC seeks report regarding cement factories in Katas Raj case


The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Friday has sought report pertaining to determining the price of water for cement factories and related payments in Katas Raj temple case.

During the hearing of the suo motu case, the CJP expressed severe resentment over failure to decide water rate for cement factories.

The Chief Justice also directed to review the issue of water scarcity due to cement factories in Fatehjang and summoned a report from Local Government Secretary of Punjab on September 18.

The CJP inquired, “The cement factories had to arrange for an alternative water source in the surroundings of Katas Raj temple. Has the rate of water been determined or not?”

The hearing of the case was adjourned until September 18.

Earlier in November last year, The top court had taken notice of reports that the pond in the Katas Raj temple complex was drying up because cement factories nearby were drawing a large amount of water through a number of sub-soil wells.