Beijing blooms with flowers during the National Day holiday


As China’s National Day holiday is finally here, many people decided to come to the capital city Beijing, to celebrate the birthday of the people’s republic during the “Golden Week.” Popular attractions in Beijing received over 1.191 million tourists on October 1.

Among those attractions, Tian’anmen Square and Chang’an Avenue decorated with large-scale floral designs are among the must-sees. The giant flower basket at the center of the square has been a major attraction since 2011.

This year, besides the giant basket, a total of ten floral designs are arranged along Chang’an Avenue. Many local citizens and tourists choose to ride or walk along the east-west high road to take photos with them.

The floral design on Tian’anmen Square for the National Day dates back in 1986. For many people who grow up in Beijing, they witnessed the changes in the flower designs during this particular period over these years. The design has become part of their memories.

Si Yuan, a local resident, shared his memory with CGTN: “I have a lot of pictures with the floral designs in my album. My mom used to take me to Tian’anmen (square) every year during the National Day. It’s like a tradition when I was a child.”

Each floral design has its own theme. By looking at the pictures of them can give us the sense of what was going on in China. For example in 2007, Beijing, then the next host of the Olympic Games has a floral design with the theme of the Olympic torch relay during the National Day holiday.

As this year marks the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up policy, many floral designs have used this as the theme.