Titanic II: New mega cruise to reminisce the doomed namesake in 2022


Blue Star Line will be out sailing through the same routes Titanic had sunk in a century ago.

After combating a financial dispute, the $500 million project is back to its construction phase to reprise the 1912’s Titanic.

In tribute to the doomed predecessor, the latter will have the same cabinet layout as the former Titanic.

Blue Star Line says the nine-decked ship will be home to 835 cabins, set to accommodate 2,435 passengers. You’ll be able to buy first-, second- and third-class tickets — just like in the original.

The Titanic reprisal is expected to cruise for a two-week voyage— from Dubai to Southampton, England and then en route to New York, tracing the North Atlantic route where original Titanic had sunk on April 12, 1912, within three hours after sideswiping an iceberg on its maiden voyage.