Shireen Mazari, Momina Mustehsan clash over ‘Coke Studio’ rendition of ‘Ko Ko Korina’


Singer of Coke Studio Momina Mustehsan and PTI’s Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari are embroiled in a Twitter battle over Coke Studio’s rendition of classic song ”Ko Ko Korina” and it’s quite amusing, to say the least.

It all started when Mazari took to the social networking site to express her opinion about  Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir’s version of the 1966 hit song.

“Horrendous!” she wrote. “Destroyed a great classic – why oh why, did Coke Studio allow such a massacre of this classic song?”

To this, Coke Studio singer Mustehsan responded, “Apologies for hurting your sentiments. It is your right to judge us and express your outrage, just like it was our right to exercise our freedom of expression. As our Minister for Human Rights, you should appreciate Coke Studio for allowing us to express ourselves, especially if it was horrendous.”

Shireen Mazari, however, promptly replied to Mustehsan’s tweet. “I gave my personal opinion which I am entitled to. Especially on a non -political issue having to do with music. To each his/her own! And why bring the ministry into it?!” she wrote.

“I respect that ma’am – I apologised and acknowledge that you had every right to judge and express outrage,”Mustehsan stated. “I was only answering your question of why Coke Studio allowed it. And as someone holding office, I’d hope you’d appreciate the allowance of freedom of expression- however bad it turned out.”