Resham’s Justification About Her statement Regarding Reham Khan


Resham gave justification regarding her remarks about Reham Khan. Watch the video

She further shared, “Everyone makes mistakes. Imran Khan made a few mistakes. I have made a lot of mistakes. But Reham Khan? Reham Khan is the worst example of a woman. And Jemima Goldsmith is the best.”

Reham Khan has been in the news ever since her book was released online, earlier this year. Many took digs at the former wife of PM Imran Khan, including Jemima Goldsmith and actor Hamza Ali Abbasi.

The most recent celeb to join the bandwagon is veteran actor Resham. In a video that recently went viral, the 39-year-old actor can be heard as saying, “If I talk about cricket, Imran Khan is the biggest name in cricket. Now, he’s the Prime Minister of our country.”