Armeena Khan Slams Man For Abusing Her Over Twitter


Armeena Khan, the British-Pakistani actress, recently took to Twitter to share an incident in which a Twitter user hurled a tirade of abuses towards her and labelled her a “slut”.

While the Twitter user, Farhan, later deleted his tweets, Armeena shared screenshots of his tweets publicly calling him out for his actions.

Armeena first shared his tweets writing, “Amusing. What a shame. Right I need details on this guy. Who can help?”

She then followed with a message informing that the guy deleted his tweets. However, she added that he was tracked and “will be reported to the correct authorities.”

Armeena then went onto share his tweets, writing, “So I’m attaching the tweets because such persons should be exposed for being a menace to society.”

She continued, “Like most Pakistanis abroad, I give more than I take. I am a sincere person and believe in the betterment of society. Thank you and love to you guys from your brothers and sisters overseas.”