Mahira Khan’s Unfiltered Selfies Defying Shadow Ban in Solidarity with Palestine

Amid the ongoing conflict with Israel, Mahira Khan, like many Pakistani celebrities, has shown her support for Palestine.

Expressing her concerns about the dire situation faced by Palestinian civilians due to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) bombing of Gaza, which has resulted in the loss of innocent lives and severe injuries to thousands of innocent people, Khan took to multiple social media platforms to voice her thoughts.

Despite sharing her views on Instagram with her 10.6 million followers, her official handle faced a shadow ban by Meta, citing a violation of community guidelines. In response, Khan used Instagram stories to inform her followers about this situation.

Today, she graced her Instagram feed with a series of unfiltered beach selfies, accompanied by the caption, “Hi, let’s break the algorithm.” Despite the shadow ban, Khan has remained steadfast in her support for Palestine, consistently posting and advocating for an end to the war crimes against Palestinian children.

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