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Lahore Smart City Payment Plan, Features, and Location

Capital Smart City Islamabad is proved a grand success in the real estate business. Now, the next initiative of the Future Development Holding Limited is to launch another Smart City in the heart of Pakistan i.e. Lahore. Now, people in the city of gardens will enjoy the smart facilities and the unparalleled luxuries in Lahore Smart City. It’s a project by Habib Rafique developers, a leading real estate developer. According to the management, the first phase of Lahore Smart City will consist of 20,000 kanals.

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Location of Lahore Smart City

The prime location of Lahore Smart City has made the investors more excited about it. It’s located on Lahore Bypass near Kala Shah Kaku, just next to Lahore interchange. The society is connected with all highways and main roads. You can access Lahore Smart City from GT road, Lahore Sialkot Motorway, and from Lahore Ring Road as well.

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Latest Updates

Still, the investors are waiting for the launch date of this unbeatable housing scheme. It will consist of world-class luxuries and high-standard facilities. Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd group hasn’t announced the launch date of Lahore Smart City. However, they have issued pre-launch prices of residential and commercial plots. Currently, the location map, features, and pre-launch prices are available that we are discussing below for interested investors and individual buyers.

According to the management, society will consist of two main parts: Executive and Overseas blocks. In both the blocks, you can buy 5 Marla, 10 Marla, or 20 Marla plot.

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Lahore Smart City Payment Plan

Lahore Smart City is an unmatched solution to all your residential problems. Lahore is an internationally recognized city. In such an expensive and populated city, your own home worths a lot. Apart from the investment, it’s a golden opportunity for you to get a plot here where you will enjoy the world-class amenities. The property is available at different sizes. The actual price of the plots will be revealed at the time of inauguration. However, pre-launch prices are available for buyers. You must remember that the prices will be increased by 15% when the official launch takes place.

Payment Plan for residential and commercial plotsLahore Smart City Smart Features

It’s the second Smart City of Pakistan. So, the smart features will make it an unbeatable housing scheme. Let’s have a look at the Smart features of the society to know why it’s an ideal location for your investment plan.

Uninterrupted Power, Gas & Water

There is no concept of power failure in Lahore Smart City. You will get all the basic utilities like gas, power, and water uninterrupted 24/7. You don’t need to spend extra money on inverter UPS, generator or water filter. Clean and healthy water will be supplied to your home 24/7.

Furthermore, the atmosphere will be cluttering-free. There is no cluttering of wires around you.

Unparalleled Security System

The CCTV cameras will be placed on every corner of the society for fool-proof security. It would be safe for you and your family. The security wing of the society consists of well-trained and active professionals to make your life and property safe from criminals.

Smart Traffic Controlling System

Time is very important and that’s why; the management has introduced the Smart traffic controlling system in Lahore Smart City. Now, there will no traffic jams while you are moving from one place to another. The traffic controlling system is automatic and smart for an organized and smooth flow of vehicles. It will never make you late for your office, shop, or business.

Automatic Street Lights

The Smart street light system will brighten the streets automatically in the evening. You don’t need to switch on the lights manually every evening.

WiFi Zones

Now, keep in touch with your loved ones while moving around. You will be connected to your business sites and social networking sites due to the WiFi Zone facility. The residents of Lahore Smart City will be always connected with their friends and family via WiFi. Connect your phone with the Smart WiFi system and be happy in the company of your loved ones.

Smart Air Conditioning in Houses/Buildings

All the houses and buildings whether restaurants, shops, or offices will have an automatic air conditioning system. There will be no house or building without a Smart air conditioning system. It will keep the in-house temperature moderately cool and peaceful in the hot summer days.

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Lahore Smart City Development Plan

Lahore Smart City comes with an ideal and high-class development plan. The residents will enjoy all the world-class amenities and luxuries. The state-of-the-art facilities, higher living standards, the latest technology, and modern infrastructure have made it an ideal place for investment. Let’s have a look at the development plan of this housing society.

China Village

China Village

China Village is an integral part of this housing society. It’s a combination of medieval and modern Chinese architecture. The residential plots are available in various sizes. It also consists of villas and apartments. The China Village consists of modern commercial areas, crystal lakes, and high-quality food courts where people can taste delicious continental foods.

Financial Square

Commercial area of Lahore Smart City

A panoramic commercial area is known as Financial Square. It contains offices, banks, hotels, restaurants, shops, and other commercial places for the residents. It’s connected with all blocks of the society with a vast network of roads.

Hill Vista

It’s another main part of the society where the buyers can get unique housing opportunities. A golf club and golf farmhouse are two major attractions of the Hill Vista. The investors and individual buyers will get affordable plots in various sizes at the Hill Vista.

Aviation Village

The Aviation Village is a vast commercial hub where the residents will have exhibition centers, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, and offices. The serenity of nature and eco-friendly atmosphere make it a worth-seeing place.

Lahore Smart City Location Map

The premium location of Lahore Smart City is connected with all main roads and highways like GT road, motorway, and Lahore Ring Road, etc. It’s quite close to the center of the city. Hence, you can easily approach to Lahore Smart City from any side of Lahore. Check below the location map of Lahore Smart City to know how to access it from different roads.

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