Lahore Smart City Membership Performa Download Links and Purpose

Lahore Smart City is the first smart city in Lahore and the second smart city in Pakistan. Society is planned to be the hub of financial, cultural, and commercial activities. Besides, it is offering high-end investment and residential opportunities. LSC is designed with the concept to upgrade the living standards of people by introducing smart ways of living. Despite this, various unique features, smart amenities, and facilities are made part of its project plan. 

LSC is creating a great hype, not on a national but also international level. Along with the smart features and development, society has introduced smart booking and tracking systems for the ease of potential buyers. Both the overseas Pakistanis and local investors can gain benefits through the smart portal designed for registration, booking, tracking, and many other services. 

Lahore Smart City Membership Form

You can be a smart member of Lahore Smart City to stay updated about the latest news and avail smart features. To be a part of LSC community as a buyer or seller, you need to download and fill a membership performa available on Lahore Smart City site. 

You must provide authentic relevant information while filling the performa to get yourself registered for Lahore Smart City membership. This is only a one time free registration process that is fast, simple, and efficient. 

Lahore Smart City Membership Purposes

Through LSC membership, you will have access to various smart features along with various other benefits such as! 

  • Generate eForms for any size or type of plot 
  • Submit eForms for booking 
  • View online your property status and listing 
  • Pay your booking amount or installments online 
  • View your payment plan status online including paid and due amounts 
  • Stay updated about the new updates and upcoming deals of LSC 

Lahore Smart City Membership Form Download Links

You can easily download Smart City Lahore membership performa online by following the below-mentioned steps. 

  1. Go to the link 
  2. Download the membership form 
  3. Provide the accurate information relevant to all the fields 
  4. Submit the form online by sending an email to (cc to or directly to Lahore Smart City office. 

Portal for Smart Members 

There is a special Member Web Portal designed by LSC management for smart members so that they can avail all the smart features. By registering and logging in to this portal, you can view your property status, listing, payment plan status, and avail many other features. Also, you can pay your booking or installments amounts online.  

Click on Login to Lahore Smart City membership portal now!


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