Jazz WhatsApp Packages: MBs and Activation Details

WhatsApp is the most popular social platform where you keep in touch with your loved ones. Jazz knows your social needs and launches incredibly economic and fastest WhatsApp Packages for users. These packages allow you to use WhatsApp for messaging, calling, video calling and for exchange of media files at affordable rates. Here, I have described all WhatsApp packages for Jazz users along with their subscription and un-subscription codes. Check them below.

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Jazz WhatsApp Packages

Package Price Volume Subscription Check Status Validity
Daily Social Package Rs 7 500MBs (WhatsApp & Facebook) Dial *114*5# Dial *114*5*2# 1 Day
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle Rs 7.20 1800 SMS, 10MB WhatsApp Dial *334# Dial *334*2# 1 Day
Daily Social Recursive Package Rs 5.98 200MBs (WhatsApp & Facebook Dial *455# Dial *455*2# 1 Day
Weekly Social Rs 60 5 GB IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook Dial *660# Dial *660*2# 7 Days
Monthly WhatsApp Bundle Rs 75 5GB IMO, WhatsApp & Facebook, 12000 SMS Dial *101*1*02# Dial *101*2*02# 30 Days

Jazz WhatsApp Packages Un-Subscription Codes

If you feel that you don’t want to continue any WhatsApp package, you can unsubscribe by following the codes here.

Package Un-Subscription Code
Daily Social Package Dial *114*5*4#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle Dial *334*4#
Daily Social Recursive Package Dial *455*4#
Weekly Social Dial *660*4#
Monthly WhatsApp Bundle Dial *101*4*02#
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