Imran Khan Invites Nation to “Haqeeqi Azaadi Jalsa” on 13th August in Lahore

12 August 2022: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan urges the nation especially the youth to attend the grand Haqeeqi Azadi Gathering to take place in Lahore Hockey Ground on 13 August.

PTI is going to host a power show in Lahore Hockey Ground on 13 August 2022 for haqeeqi azaadi jalsa and to celebrate Pakistan’s 75th anniversary. According to PTI leaders, this Jalsa is an important stage of their “Haqeeqi Azaadi Journey”, claiming that they are close to achieving their purpose.

“My invitation to all Pakistanis, especially our youth, to join us on 13 August night in Lahore for our Haqeeqi Azadi jalsa & celebrations marking 75 years of Pakistan.”, said Imran Khan. According to resources, Imran Khan is going to unveil future plans and strategies infront of nation to deal with “fascism” while showing a road to real independence.

PTI had already given a deadline of one month to the federal government to announce general elections. Former Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “Only early elections can end the economical and political crisis in Pakistan”. Our party will continue to protest against imported government until the announcement of elections in the country, Khan further added.

Earlier, the Jalsa was scheduled to be held at Islamabad Parade Ground. Later on, PTI shifted it to Lahore Hockey Ground. PTI senior leader Dr. Yashmin Rashid said that PTI Is going to create history in hockey stadium ground.

She further added that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf is struggling hard to give people of Pakistan real freedom however everyone must record their protest against imported government by joining us at Haqeeqi Azadi rally in Lahore.

Ahead of PTI Azadi rally, Chairman PTI Imran Khan will meet CM Punjab Pervaiz Elahi on Friday 12 August 2022 in Lahore. During his visit to Lahore, Khan is also expected to chair Punjab cabinet session meeting and review the preparations regarding 13th August public gathering.

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