IHC Grants Transitional Bail to Imran Khan till August 25 in Terrorism Case

اسلام آباد ہائی کورٹ نے دہشت گردی کیس میں عمران خان کی عبوری ضمانت منظور کرلی

August 22, 2022: Islamabad High Court grants three-day bail to Former Prime Minister Imran Khan after his lawyers filed a pre-arrest bail appeal in a terrorism case filed by Federal Government.

On Monday, August 22, PTI lawyers Babar Awan and Faisal Chaudhry filed an appeal for a pre-arrest bail that has been approved by the Islamabad High Court for 3-days, till Thursday, August 25, 2022.

Imran Khan was booked in a terrorism case on Sunday under Anti-Terror Act by the Government, section 7 accusing him of threatening the judiciary system and police officials in his speech. As per FIR content, Imran Khan’s speeches threatened and terrorized the judiciary and police while spreading fear and uncertainty among people.

Later on, Islamabad police received orders to arrest Imran Khan under FIR registered against him. In response to this, PTI submitted a pre-arrest appeal in IHC that was first rejected on three objections, Khan did not provide a verified copy of the terrorism FIR, he did not get the biometric verification, and he approached IHC instead of the Anti-terrorism court. However, Imran Khan gets three days pre-arrest bail later when Justice Baba Sattar and Justice Mohsin Akhtar Kiani heard the case, the resources claimed.

The bail application stated that Imran Khan has no criminal record and he is ready to cope with the institutes regarding the investigation. “There is no chance of fleeing or damaging evidence presented by the prosecution. Imran Khan is also ready to submit money as surety against his bail,” the plea further stated.

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