How to Unblock PUBG Game in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has banned PUBG due to a few suicide cases in Pakistan. The players can’t access the game anymore. According to the notification, the game has been banned temporarily in Pakistan. However, PTA can permanently ban this game if there is no positive response from the public about PUBG. Well, during this time period you can still play the game. But try to unban it permanently by using some legal ways.

Method # 1: Use a VPN

It’s a way to play your favorite game during this time period when PUBG is temporarily banned. You can use a trustworthy VPN app to hide the IP. When you connect the internet, it shows your IP from Pakistan. But, a VPN conceals your IP and it shows like you are using the internet from USA or any other country of the world. So, by using a VPN, you can play the game normally.

Download a VPN (IP changer) from Google Play Store. Check the rating of the VPN before you download it. Select a VPN that doesn’t display too many ads and doesn’t disconnect again and again. My recommended VPN is known as Betternet VPN and Hotspot.

  • Download it from Google Play Store.


  • Open the app and select “Start” to mask your IP.
  • Go to PUBG and start playing it.
  • If the screen displays more than 300 pings, restart the VPN to lower the number of pings.
  • Enjoy your favorite game.

Remember, using a VPN is not considered illegal in Pakistan. It’s just an app to hide the IP.

Method #2: Support NoPUBGBan campaign

Another way to unban this game is to support the NOPUBGBAN campaign on twitter. If you don’t have an account on Twitter, create a user account first.

  • Open the official page of PTA and give a #nopubgban there.
  • Spread this message to all social networking sites.

Remember, PTA will consider the choice of the majority of people while banning the game permanently. So, support the nopubgban campaign as much as you can. It will stop PTA from banning the game permanently in Pakistan.

Method # 3: Supportive Mail to PTA

If you want to unban your favorite game, write a supportive email to PTA. On the official page of PTA, you will see an email at the end of the PUBG notification. You can send your suggestions regarding the game to PTA till 10 July 2020. Write a supportive email to unban PUBG and use the forceful words to support your arguments. Give solid reasons to unban this game.

Write an email at till 10 July 2020.

PUBG running on VPN

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purposes, we do not support any games or activities that are illegal in Pakistan. Using this guide parents will know how they can stop their children from unblocking PUBG in Pakistan.

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