How to Get Jazz Advance Loan

Sometimes, you need to call someone urgently, but your balance is critically low. Even, you are unable to send a text due to insufficient balance. What to do in such a condition?

Advance balance is a great blessing for those who face an emergency condition often. It’s a timely help for people who don’t keep much credit in their Jazz account. Jazz users can get this service if their balance is lower than Rs 15.

In this service, you get Rs 15 as an advance loan. When you recharge for the next time, the advance loan and tax will be automatically deducted from it. So, you return Rs. 15 + Rs. 3.90 from the next recharge.

Dial *112# from your Jazz number that has a balance lower than Rs 15. When your balance is critically low, within the next 4 hours, you can get Jazz Advance Loan to meet an emergency need.

Jazz Advance Loan via App

You can get Advance Loan without dialing the USSD code. Download “Jazz World” from Google Play Store. It allows you to get a Jazz advance loan with one tap.

  • Download the app.
  • Create your login and set a password.
  • It’s a one-time process only. You can manage your transactions, calls, SMS, and internet usage through it.
  • The app contains the “Get Advance Loan” option. Tap this option and avail of the Jazz Advance Loan service.

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