How to Get Advance Loan in Zong

Zong brings affordable and flexible call, SMS, and data plans for users. Still, sometimes the users need an advance loan to meet emergency needs. It becomes crucial sometimes to call urgently to your loved ones. Occasionally, you need to send an urgent SMS to someone. But you can’t do it because you are out of balance. In such a case, the Zong Advance Loan becomes a blessing in disguise. You get sufficient balance in your account to meet an emergency need.

Here, I am discussing the methods to get an advance loan for Zong users. Follow any of them and get the loan for emergency calls and SMS.

Via USSD Code

If you want to advance loan quickly, dial *911# from your Zong number. It will show you a confirmation message within a couple of seconds. In an advance loan, you get Rs 25. On every advance loan, you will pay Rs 3.5 + tax.

Via Zong App

The easiest way to get the advance loan is the Zong app. With one tap, you can get an advance loan without using a code.

  • Download Zong App from Google Play Store.
  • Create login details by using your Zong number. It’s a one-time process.
  • Now, login to your account.
  • Here, you will see the “Get Loan” option.
  • Tap this option to get a loan immediately in your account.


Another easy way to get an advance loan is to use the SMS service.

  • Send a blank SMS to “911” to get a loan.
  • Within a few seconds, you will get the confirmation message regarding the advance loan.

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