How to Get Advance Loan in Ufone

Ufone users get a variety of calls, SMS, and internet packages. Due to the economic packages, they save lots of balance and their Ufone accounts are never out of balance. However, sometimes you get out of balance due to the negligence. If there is an emergency and you have no balance to your Ufone account, what you will do? It’s an ambiguous situation because you need to call someone and you have no credit at all. To meet such an emergency, Ufone brings UAdvance service. This service fills sufficient balance to your Ufone account for an emergency call.

An interesting thing about this service is that it’s available for prepaid and postpaid users. Let’s see how you can get UAdvance.

UAdvance for Prepaid Users

Prepaid users can get UAdvance if their balance drops below Rs. 11.95. If they have more balance, they can’t get this service.

  • Dial *456# from your Ufone prepaid number.
  • Within a couple of seconds, you will get the confirmation message that Rs 20 have been added to your account. When you recharge the next time, Rs 20 with Rs 4.40 will be deducted from it.

UAdvance for Postpaid Users

If you are using a postpaid Ufone number, you can also use this service. But remember, your balance should be lower than Rs 11.95 to use it.

  • Dial *229# from your postpaid number.
  • Within a few seconds, you will get a confirmation message regarding the UAdvance amount. You get Rs 20 in your account. Rs 5 + tax is applicable to it.

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