How to Check Balance in Zong

To meet the emergency needs, it’s important to check the balance in your Zong SIM frequently. It will let you know how much credit is remaining in your account for the call, new package, or SMS. New users of Zong don’t know how to check the balance in their Zong SIM. Here, I am going to list all the methods to check the balance in your Zong account. Check the methods below in this context.

Check Zong Balance via Call

The call is an easy way to check the remaining balance for those who aren’t literate. Follow the steps here to know the balance.

  • Call to 310 and follow instructions.
  • An automated call will guide you regarding the remaining balance in your account.

Check Zong Balance via USSD Code

You can use the USSD code to check the balance in your Zong account. Dial *222# and press “Call” to get information about your balance. It will show the details about the balance on the screen.

Note: Every time you dial the USSD code to check the remaining balance, Rs 0.20 will be charged.

Check Zong Balance via App

Zong App makes account operation a lot easier. You can check balance, subscribe to any package, check the usage details of resources, and other operations via the app with great comfort. Follow the instructions below to use the App to check balance.

Go to the Google Play Store and download the Zong app.

Now, create your account by using the Zong number and set a password to it.

Login to your account.

Here, you will see the option “Check balance.” Tap on it to see the remaining balance.

Check Zong Balance via Website

If you have created a user account on the official site of Zong, you can check the balance via the website. Follow the steps here in this context.

  • Go to the official site of Zong.
  • Login to your account.
  • Now, click the option “Check balance” from here.
  • It will display the remaining credit in your account.

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