How to Check Balance in Jazz SIM

It’s a good routine to keep an eye on your Jazz account to know how much balance you spend on your internet and calling activities. It keeps your budget balanced. But new members of the Jazz family don’t know how to check the balance in Jazz. Here, I am going to list three easy ways to check the balance in Jazz. You can use any of them to know your remaining balance even after every call, SMS, or browsing activity. Let’s move to the methods.

Check Balance via USSD Code

It’s an easy method to check the balance, but the process is not free. Every time you dial the USSD code to check the remaining balance, you pay Rs. 0.12.

  • Dial *111# from your Jazz number.
  • Within a couple of seconds, you will get a summary of the remaining balance and its expiry date.

Check Balance via Call

You can also check the remaining balance via call. It’s a bit lengthy method, but you can use it when the USSD code isn’t working.

  • Dial 123 from your Jazz number.
  • An automated call representative will explain some instructions. Follow them to know your current balance. Every call will charge you Rs. 0.12.

Check Balance via Jazz World

The easiest way to check remaining balance and to manage your Jazz account is to download the Jazz App known as Jazz World.

  • Download the app from Google Play Store.
  • Create your account by using your Jazz number and a password. Remember, it’s a one-time process.
  • Now, login to the app. Here, on the Home Page, you will see the balance details. It’s a free method. It doesn’t charge you any fees.

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