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Honda Reduces Car Prices in Pakistan over Dollar Rate Changes

ہونڈا کمپنی نے گاڑیوں کی قیمتوں میں 7 سے 8 فیصد تک کی بڑی کمی کا اعلان کر دیا۔

Amid the Pakistani Rupee recovery in the interbank market against US dollar, Honda Atlas Pakistan has announced a decrease in its vehicles by Rs280,000 to Rs550,000, after Suzuki and Toyota.

Like Pak Suzuki Motors and Indus Motors, Honda Atlas has also come forward with an announcement of reduced prices for its vehicles. The prices of all Honda car variants have been reduced. However, the new prices are effective on new orders from August 17, 2022.

According to AL Habib Capital Markets auto analyst, Asad Ali stated that Honda cars’ price decline is backed by the increasing rupee value in the interbank market. It is important to note that Honda car prices have jacked up multiple times during the last few months with the claim, of a strengthening US dollar.

The recent price reduction in Honda cars is the result of the Pakistani rupee gaining appreciation in the month of August. The company is “pleased to pass on the forex impact to its valuable customers.”

Honda City Cars New Prices

Variants Old Price New Price Difference Change
City Standard M/T PKR 4,049,000 PKR 3,769,000 PKR 280,000 -7.43%
City Standard CVT PKR 4,199,000 PKR 3,899,000 PKR 300,000 -7.69%
City CVT 1.5 PKR 4,439,000 PKR 4,139,000 PKR 300,000 -7.25%
City 1.5 Aspire M/T PKR 4,609,000 PKR 4,299,000 PKR 310,000 -7.21%
City 1.5 Aspire CVT PKR 4,799,000 PKR 4,479,000 PKR 320,000 -7.14%

Honda Civic Cars New Prices

Variants Old Price New Price Difference Change
Civic Standard PKR 6,799,000 PKR 6,349,000 PKR -450,000 -7.09%
Civic Oriel PKR 7,099,000 PKR 6,599,000 PKR -500,000 -7.58%
Civic RS PKR 8,099,000 PKR 7,549,000 PKR -550,000 -7.29%

Honda BRV New Price

Old Price New Price Difference Change
BR-V CVTS PKR 5,299,000 PKR 4,939,000 PKR -360,000 -7.29%

According to the announcement, the new prices will be applicable from 17 August 2022 on all new orders. New rates are also applied on back orders with the expected delivery date in the month of October and onwards. However, these prices are all inclusive of Sale Tax, CVT, and FED.

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