Former PTI Provincial Minister Kamran Bangash Arrested in Connection with Multiple Cases

“Former provincial minister Kamran Bangash of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has been apprehended by the police in Peshawar as part of a broader crackdown on PTI members.

Notably, another former PTI provincial minister, Noor Zeb, faced arrest by the police in Bajaur district.

The police also conducted a raid on the residences of former lawmakers, including Arbab Sher Ali and Fazal Elahi, in their pursuit of Irfan Saleem, the provincial president of PTI Peshawar district. However, Irfan Saleem and the others sought were not found at their residences.

This arrest is linked to several cases, including the May 9 incidents and acts of vandalism at Radio Pakistan and provincial election commission buildings.

In addition to these charges, another case has been registered against Kamran Bangash at the Chamkani police station, where he is accused of providing shelter to fugitives.”

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