FIA Apprehends Notorious Human Trafficker Khurram Iqbal After Lengthy Pursuit

Khurram Iqbal was deeply involved in a network of crimes associated with human trafficking and had earned a place in the Red Book of most-wanted individuals. His criminal record included more than five cases related to human trafficking, and authorities had initiated over 11 ongoing investigations into his illegal activities.

The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Anti-Human Trafficking and Smuggling Wing successfully arrested Khurram Iqbal, a notorious human trafficker who had evaded authorities for an extended period. The arrest took place in Rawalpindi, conducted by the wing’s Islamabad circle.

Notably, earlier this month, a sub-agent involved in people trafficking to Saudi Arabia for beggarly purposes under the guise of an Umrah visa was apprehended during an FIA raid. The suspect had instigated individuals, Mujahid Iqbal and Tanveer Abbas, to engage in begging while on an Umrah visa, with a portion of the collected funds to be handed over to sub-agents.

His method of operation primarily revolved around deceiving unsuspecting victims with the promise of facilitating their travel abroad. Under this false pretense, he extorted substantial amounts of money from those he targeted.

In a tragic incident in June, a fishing trawler bound for Italy, reportedly carrying around 800 people, including approximately 350 Pakistanis, capsized off the coast of Greece. This devastating event prompted a day of national mourning and the launch of a widespread crackdown on human smugglers, resulting in the subsequent arrest of many individuals involved in such illegal activities.

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