Council of Islamic Ideology Grants Conditional Approval for Women’s Hajj

The Council of Islamic Ideology has given conditional approval for women to participate in the Hajj pilgrimage without a mehram. For a woman opting for this journey without a mehram, the council deems the presence of reliable female companions necessary. Additionally, obtaining permission from her parents and, if married, her husband is a prerequisite.

In its communication to the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the council recognizes, under the jurisprudence of Jaafriya, Maliki, and Shafi’i, that a woman can undertake the Hajj pilgrimage without a mehram, subject to specific conditions. Moreover, the council emphasizes that the Ministry of Religious Affairs must thoroughly investigate and scrutinize the group members before granting permission for a woman to undertake Hajj without a mehram.

The council specifies that a woman considering Hajj without a mehram should be free from any perceived threats or risks during the pilgrimage. The letter further indicates, in accordance with Hanafi and Hanbali jurisprudence, that if a woman lacks a mehram, Hajj is not obligatory upon her.

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