Condolences Pour in for Maulana Tariq Jamil’s Son

People from various backgrounds expressed their condolences to Maulana Tariq Jamil on the passing of his younger son, Asim Jamil. The tragic incident occurred in Maulana’s hometown of Talamba, situated in Mian Channu, Punjab.

Tariq Jameel confirmed the accidental death of his son through social media, requesting prayers and hoping for his son to attain a high rank in heaven.

Asim, while at his gym, reportedly obtained a pistol from his guard and shot himself in the chest, as revealed by sources. CCTV footage depicted the heart-wrenching incident, with the police disclosing that Asim had been suffering from mental illness and was undergoing treatment for some time.

Actor Zara Noor Abbas took to Instagram to express her profound sorrow over the unexpected loss and underscored the vital importance of mental health, emphasizing that neglecting it can lead to tragic consequences. She wrote, “For all those who say that depression happens because of deen se duri, please take the example of Maulana Tariq Saab’s son who was suffering from it even though he had a household full of religious activities and his father being such an honored religious scholar. Please understand that depression is REAL like any other illness. It sucks out everything from you. Please seek help and support for it. My heart goes out to the family of the deceased. May Allah grant him Jannah and peace after all.”

Actor Ahmed Ali Butt, Momal Sheikh, and Sami Khan also expressed their condolences over the tragic incident and shared a picture of Tariq Jamil and his son on their Instagram Stories.

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