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Bills Increased for the Consumers of K-electric in August and September

NEPRA has announced a power tariff increase for the September and August K-electric bills however, the per unit cost is divided between peak and non-peak hours.

On Friday 12 August 2022, National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) announced a massive hike in power tariff for the consumers of K-electric. The surge will be applied to the electricity bills for August and September. After making examinations and adjustments, NEPRA notifies unit price increase ahead of fuel charges adjustment for the month of June.

The adjustment will be made in August and September bills by increasing the electricity unit rates. It will have a significant impact of Rs 25.393b (FCA Rs 21.704+GST Rs 3.689b) on all K-electric consumers however lifeline consumers will be separated from this power tariff hike.

Power regulator said during a briefing, “As per the mechanism provided in the determination, impact of change in KE’s own generation fuel cost component due to variation in fuel prices, generation mix and volume shall be passed on to the consumers directly in their monthly bills in the form of Fuel Charges Adjustment (FCA).”

The concerned authorities have analyzed the whole situation and divided June FCA charges into the months of August and September. In the August billing, the consumers will be charged Rs.3.0114/unit whereas the remaining Rs.8.0909/unit will be charged in September.

Consumers who are using 300 units per month will pay Rs1,000 FCA for august and Rs24,00 for September. On the other hand, consumers who are using 700 units will pay Rs2,107 charges for August and Rs5,663 for September. K-electric consumers using more than 700 units will be charged Rs28.99/unit in August and 37.70/unit in September.

The consumers using three-phase meters will pay 28.99/unit during peak hours and 22.67/unit during off-peak hours in the month of August. In September, the per unit rate would be Rs34.70/unit during peak hours and Rs27.75 during off-peak hours.

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