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7 Best Cooking Oils in Pakistan for better Health

Every individual’s priority is to take care of his health and when it comes to choosing a healthy lifestyle, opting for healthy eating choices is the most important thing to do.

When it comes to healthy eating the most important choice one has to make is of their cooking oil. As everybody is familiar with the diseases that oily and greasy food cause and leads to perilous conditions such as indigestion, upset stomach which causes problems like constipation and diarrhea. Choosing a good quality cooking oil is very important as a low quality cooking oil won’t only lead you to gastric diseases but also makes your body vulnerable to different coronary and heart diseases.

The trajectory of our lives has been utterly changed in the past few months; the cruel and merciless jaws of the pandemic have been so catastrophic in many parts of the world. It is crucial more than ever to be conscious about your dietary choices.

There are numerous brands in the market providing all sorts of different cooking oils. As healthy food means choosing good quality cooking. When you are choosing cooking oil it is important to research the product and prioritize your family’s health instead of the price before making the decision. Some of the best cooking oil brands in Pakistan are enlisted below:

Dalda Cooking Oil

Dalda banaspati and cooking oil

When we talk about the quality product and earning customers’ trust, Daldais the prevailing king in the market which makes it one of the top oils selling brands in Pakistan.

Dalda cooking oils are free from low-density lipoproteins (LDL) which makes it cholesterol free and healthiest choice for your entire family as it protects you from coronary and heart diseases. When it comes to the fortified range of Dalda again it is a win-win situation for the brand as this range is extracted from the purest sources making it enriched with nature’s goodness and full with essential vitamins.

Dalda emphasizes modern and advanced technology and that’s how they maintain their consistency when it comes to a quality product. Affordable prices of Dalda cooking oil across Pakistan attract the consumer.

Kashmir Cooking Oil


Kashmir banaspati & cooking oil

Kashmir cooking oil is one of the largest and the most rapidly growing cooking oil brands in Pakistan. The brand’s commitment to all of its products is quite commendable. It is tested to be one of the best and the healthiest cooking oil in the market. Now you can fry your food and try new tasty dishes every day without having to worry about the calories because Kashmir cooking oil is cholesterol-free and is a healthy choice for the entire family.

Kashmir cooking oil has a wide range including Kashmir premium gold cooking oil which is the finest cooking oil. It is an exquisite combination of soya bean, sunflower, and canola oil and it is probably the lightest effective cooking oil for the family, keeping you active and fit. It has the power of the Meta boost (vitamin A and D3) which boosts your system and provides your body the energy it requires to get through the day. Kashmir canola oil is one of the purest canola oils in the market. Extracted and packed with the utmost care and responsibility Kashmir canola oil guarantees the wellbeing of all of your family members and ensures that it lowers the acidity levels and helps indigestion.

Kashmir cooking oil is widely available in Pakistan at almost every general store at an affordable price.

Kisan Cooking Oil

Kisan banaspati and cooking oil

Kisan cooking oil is also one of the most high-quality cooking oils in Pakistan. Kisan as a brand believes in the perfection of its products and delivers love and purity to its customers through its products.

Kisan cooking oil is beneficial for the health of the entire family; it uplifts the natural taste of food and provides all the essential nutrients to the body. Kisan offers a wide range of various edible oils and ghees to choose from according to the requirement of your family.

Kisan vegetable ghee contains vitamin A and D which is very essential for strong bones, the ghee itself melts at human body temperature and has a very light taste to it and delivers the best of health. On the other hand, Kisan sunflower oil contains linoleic acids that help maintain blood pressure and prevents heart diseases, it also contains vitamin E and very less saturated fatty acids. It is exceptionally the best choice for regular use and is culminate for all the family. It is very quickly picking up acknowledgment and is developing as a brand each day due to their commitment and deliverance of quality. Kisan cooking oil in Pakistan at moderate costs is accessible in online stores. So when it comes to wellbeing, you’ve got to choose shrewdly without compromising in terms of price because, at any cost, health comes first!

Olivola Cooking Oil

Olivola banaspati and cooking oil

Olivola, a brand of the Mezan group is the blend of olive and canola giving it the best nutritional properties.

This edible oil blend is a quantum leap in nutritional advancement which makes it a number one choice for exceedingly healthy cooking and great tasting food. Olive and canola, being the star ingredients makes this oil the best choice for everyday use and is perfect for all the family. It is a hygienically refined product and 100% cholesterol-free. It is rapidly gaining recognition in the market and is growing as a brand every day due to its commitment and deliverance quality. It is a premium quality product that leaves no room for any sort of compromise on health.

Mezan Cooking oil

Mezan banaspati and cooking oil

Another Mezan group’s cooking oil reflects Mezan’s ethos of “Balanced Life Balanced Diet” in every step of production, quality, and supply chain. They started their company in the year 2008 and in a blink of an eye their products became a competition for other leading brands.

Meezan Cooking Oil, Canola Oil & Sunflower Oil are powered by Tocopherol that helps to improve your Immune System. Tocopherol plays a vital role in improving our immune system.

It helps in the proper functioning of DNA repair and also in improving the body’s metabolism. Intake of Tocopherol helps stop the development of nitrosamines in our bodies. Nitrosamines in low, limited exposure can also cause diabetes, fatty liver disease, and obesity. They have also been linked to Parkinson’s disease. Nitrosamines can cause DNA damage, cell death and have been associated with insulin resistance. All these nutritional enrichments make this brand as one of the trusted brands in the market.

So when it comes to health, you have to choose wisely without compromising in terms of price because health is wealth.

Eva Cooking Oil

Eva banaspati and cooking oil

When it comes to making a smart choice, Eva cooking oil is one of the best options. It has won many hearts as it is the purest form of cooking oil that gives out the natural aroma of any cuisine and comes in suitable packaging with the Easy-Open Tins and Stand-up capped pouches. It also contains Omega-3 fatty acids, which is a vital nutrient (not produced within the body and provided only through dietary intake) and may help prevent heart diseases. Eva sunflower oil is an all-natural source of vitamin E, that functions as an antioxidant which boosts the immune system of the body and strengthens the defense mechanism of the human body.

It consists of the lowest amount of saturated fatty acids; these fatty acids are detrimental to health and may cause indigestion, constipation, bad cholesterol, and heart diseases. So Eva makes sure that the health of its customers is not at stake and they can enjoy delicious and robust meals all the time.

It is treated at ultra-high temperature to give out the purest form of cooking oil. The star product claims that it doesn’t freeze even at zero degrees and guarantees to fulfill your nutritional requirements. It is conveniently available at large and small markets and even at Kirana stores.

Habib Cooking Oil

Habib banaspati and cooking oil

Another prominent cooking oil in the industry is Habib cooking oil. The brand strives to ensure that its customers are well satisfied. It is rich in Vitamin A, D, and E and claims to be cholesterol-free, making it a suitable option in terms of health concerns. The brand explicitly provides the certainty that the blood flow in your body remains regular and that it protects its consumers from heart diseases. The consistently high quality of Habib Cooking Oil has resulted in prestigious awards such as the “Consumer Choice Award” (2004 & 2005).

It comes in various packaging in accordance with the amount and has a good shelf life of around a year for a pouch and 15 months for tin approximately. Despite the beneficial ingredients, the product is easily accessible at a reasonable price.

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