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15 Best Business Ideas in Pakistan: Profitable with Low Investment

Not a fan of corporate slavery? Want to be your own boss? Then this article is a must-read for you. A 9-5 Job can be truly tiring and dreary, and it restricts the utilization of our skills and intellect to the fullest due to the prescribed mode of work.

This is one of the primary reasons why an ever-increasing number of individuals are pulled into self-employment. Since the past few years, there has been a colossal increment in the number of young entrepreneurs who have managed to make a living with some wonderful business ideas.

Below is a rundown of some best business opportunities in Pakistan. These businesses are very profitable, yet they require minimal investment and some of them only need skills and no monetary investment at all.

Content Writing

content writing

It is one of the emerging businesses around the nation. Millions of independents are indulged in this business and have made this a source of their bread and butter. Content writing is an expansive term. It may include writing interesting content for blogs, articles, web, scripts, and videos, and podcasts, etc. It may also incorporate academic writing that is a formal composition on any given topic with facts and figures.

To begin with your own content writing business, you first need to have a business plan. Your plan does not need to be anything extravagant. It should simply state the goals that you need to achieve. Goal setting is important as it lays the foundation of your business and sets a clear target to work towards.

Secondly, you need to carry out a market research. Your research should encompass all the details about your competitors and the prevailing market rate, and the supply and demand of content writers. In case of an insufficient market research, you may find yourself out of the market as it is highly competitive.

Once done with the business plan and research, you need an army of content writers. To attract great content writers, you must create a website of your business, or you can also use the help of some platforms like LinkedIn, Upwork and to hunt some excellent content writers. The progression is undoubtedly slow, but the return will be fruitful in the long run.



Are you interested in sharing your opinions and suggestions? Blogging is what you need. It is another trending online business that has proved to be truly productive and profitable. So what is blogging? It is related to sharing information about anything. Individuals also share their views and opinions on various things depending upon what their blog is all about.

A Fashion blogger will be sharing all the trends in clothing, accessories, and beauty. He also receives PR packages from various new startups. He try those products and shares their experience and reviews on them. In any case, the main inquiry is how, to begin with, your blog? Stress not, we have some essential advances which will assist you with starting your blog.

  • First, you need to be very clear about the purpose of this initiative. Some people choose to blog because they want to make an impact and influence people while some solely want to make money out of it.
  • Select the concept and name of your blog. Choosing the niche and the name of your blog is very important as it will help identify the blog.
  • Then you may need to select the group of people who you want to influence.
  • After deciding the purpose and niche for your blog, you must pick the best platform to design and start your blog and also the design of your blog.
  • Start creating and publishing your content.
  • Last but not least, you will need to get social. Use avenues like Twitter or Instagram to market your content and increase your followers. Additionally, it will help you attracting numerous brands who may show a keen interest in selling products through your affiliation.

Some bloggers find platforms like WordPress, Hub-pages, Blogger, and Tumblr quite enticing as they provide many other tools to personalize your blog for free. However, they come with some strings attached. In the long run, you may need to switch to some self-hosted platforms like, where you can create your blog with your domain and gain control over your blog. Your domain name will be your website name, and you will be known by this name over the web. Regardless of what type of blog you proceed, they are always helpful in attracting numerous entrepreneurs.


Whether it be a home tuition or a coaching center, in Pakistan, after-school tuition has always played a significant part in our education system. Home tutoring is a zero investment business. You can teach as many pupils as you can within your provided accommodation and schedule while tutoring in a coaching center requires you to invest your time and skills and teach a great number of students.

Nowadays, there is a growing demand for O/A level tutors. If you can teach O/A level students, then you are the need of the era. You can start with a smaller number of students, and once you gain experience, you are good to go.

Another way of tutoring is to commence the business of online tuition. You do not need to spend money in searching for a platform. If you have got the skills, you may start from today. There are several websites and online academies like Udemy that allow independent tutors to earn money at home.

Moreover, since the Covid-19 outbreak, there has been a worldwide lockdown, and virtual learning has become the town talk. So, it is a golden opportunity and must be availed if you have exceptional teaching skills.

OLX is a great place to find such opportunities.


If you have a keen interest in autonomy and liberty at work, then freelancing is best for you. Freelancers are self-employed individuals who work on a contractual basis for various companies. They provide their services and, in return, get paid. The best part is that they have the freedom to choose their working hours and the company they want to be associated with.

You must have creativity in your content as the market supply of freelancers in Pakistan is rapidly growing alongside demand. Freelancing can be done in several fields, such as Freelance Writing, Graphic Designing, Bookkeeping, and Photography. Some best websites to find Freelance jobs are; Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer, and Guru. The more experience you gain, the more you will excel. The market of freelancers is booming so, and it is an excellent opportunity to consider.



If you are an epicure and loves cooking, then catering is a brilliant idea for you. If you have excellent cooking skills, then this must not be kept untapped. You can begin with events like birthday parties and other small celebrations with close family and friends.

Once you gain enough experience and understanding of the business, you may start with operating on a larger scale. A full fledged start can earn you a return of around PKR 400,000. Pakistanis are food lovers, and such businesses guarantee success if you manage to operate efficiently and effectively. So what are you waiting for? Turn your hobby into your flourishing business.

Online cosmetics retailer

The cosmetic industry is growing by leaps and bounds due to the rapid rise in demand. With the increasing concern of beauty and skincare, the scope of online makeup retailers is also increasing at a higher pace. You may earn a lot by offering discounts on your bulk purchases of stock from the brands and adding up the pricing margin. This business is most suitable if you are a beauty freak as it requires knowledge of different cosmetics range.

The market usually consists of women, and so the marketing strategy must be done accordingly. It must be attractive and should reach the maximum number of potential buyers. The best way to approach the consumers is through social media. It is a scalable business and can be very beneficial if managed productively. Oriflame is a great way to make money if you join their Oriflame business opportunity program.

Poultry farming

One of the fastest-growing businesses in Pakistan is poultry farming. It has an annual growth rate of 10% -12%. The poultry sector has been bridging the gap between supply and demand for protein. There is great potential in this business. This sector alone generates employment and income for about 1.5 million people. The most popular areas of poultry farming include:

  • Chicken breeding/ hatchery
  • Meat Production
  • Egg Production
  • Poultry Feed Production

If you have the relevant expertise, then you may start your own business of poultry. It requires relatively high investment than the businesses mentioned above as you need a location for farming and breeding of chickens. You may start with on a small scale and then expand it when you gain a substantial profit.

A well-managed poultry business may earn an average revenue of PKR 11,200,000 per annum. It is a rapidly growing business, and investment in this opportunity will not go in vain.


Are you a fitness maniac? Then why not utilize this enthusiasm for your good. Those who want to be healthier and fitter make sure demands for personal trainers. In the past few years, there has been a growing concern about fitness in Pakistan.

Our Young generation is quite inclined towards exercising and staying fit. You can convert a spare room into a gym or could rent a small area and make arrangements for a gym. You may make purchases of reasonable gym equipment from various vendors and can easily create a fortune.

Your initial capital investment entirely depends on the scale at which you are willing to start your gym and its location. It can be as low as PKR 100,000 to as much as around PKR 5 million. Likewise, your profitability will depend on the way you manage and run this business.

Tea shops/Dhaba

tea shop

You are not a true Pakistani if you don’t love tea. The tea business has a great scope in our nation. It provides areas for small gatherings and meetups. There is hardly any tea stall that you will see less flocked. This business is specifically dynamic in Karachi as Karachiites are night owls and love to spend their leisure time at tea shops with friends.

Alongside tea, you can also offer certain snacks on the menu. This business does not require huge investment but can yield a great return on investment.

Makeup Salons

Are you blessed with exceptional makeup skills? Cash this expertise by opening up your own makeup salon. These days, personal care and beauty have become a huge concern among Pakistani women, which has led to an increase in the scope of beauty salons.

Do you have a spare room in your residence? If yes, then you are lucky. All you need to do is convert it into a makeup studio, buy in some decent-made products, and begin with the magic. If you do not have a spare room, worry not and rent a small area where you can arrange a small set up.

A small reasonable set up may cost around PKR 50,000-100,000, and the figures will go up as you expand your scale of operations. Once you begin with the work, all of your costs will be covered, and you will be able to gain significant profits. Remember! You need to market your studio in the most effective way. Gather as many reviews as possible.

Digital Marketing

Times have changed, and so does the mean of marketing. Businesses and companies are investing more of their marketing budgets on digital advertising, making it a running business in today’s digital world. Thanks to modern-day technology, digital marketing businesses are making a hack of money, digital marketing attempts can be made remotely, keeping modest outlay and high profits.

Regardless of how imaginative you are, if you don’t have adequate experience in customer relationship and management of accounts, then it is likely that you will fail miserably. There are a variety of approaches to set up a marketing agency.

As a new venture, you need to:

  • Find your niche and carry out market research
  • Create your website
  • Build a portfolio that will showcase your abilities to potential clients
  • Set a business model that includes your pricing strategy
  • Create a social media presence.

All these steps are essential and must be given proper attention to delivering the results as there is a hell lot of competition in the market.

Event Planner

There has been a growing trend of a bridal shower, baby shower and private birthday parties, and many other similar events. Asians don’t want to miss any sort of celebration so, and you must hurry in availing this opportunity and set up an event planning business of your own. There is a hype of fancy wingding, and so it adds to the scope of event planning. 

The best part? It does not require huge investment but rather a great deal of creativity and management. You must take care of the decorations, catering, and the management of other facilities that are required at the parties. If you are capable of handling these arrangements, then you are all set to commence the business. Your investment and hard work will surely not go in vain.


Starting a boutique does not require 57th street. Fashion is a competitive industry, and one has to come up with unique and contrasting ideas to be at the top of their business. To make it successful, you should have a good business plan, niche, portfolios, and inspiring trendsetting ideas. People are willing to spend on quality over quantity, making this beneficial for keen thinkers who have a spark to succeed.

Limited budget? Not a problem. The world is shifting to E-commerce. So, instead of acquiring a physical shop, you may start with an online store and reach your potential buyers. You may gain popularity by sending PR packages to some well-known influencers and bloggers who can market your brand.


As the world is becoming more reliant on pictorials, it is the best time to jump in the photography business, after all, it’s a lucrative business to run if you have relevant experience. If you have enough knowledge in Media Sciences, it would simply be a cherry on the top.

A quality photographer can charge a decent amount for their skills and only requires a one-time investment for the equipment, which means low overheads are needed to run this business. An impressive portfolio, word of mouth advertising, and you are ready to kick start the business.

Ride-hailing with Careem or Uber

The transport business, such as Careem and Uber, have dominated the transport market. From students to officers and an ordinary person have made this their means of traveling in routine life. You may join hands with any of these service businesses and enroll as many cars as you can afford.

It is a safe investment, and each vehicle is expected to earn a monthly return of PKR 40,000 approximately after deducting all the essential costs, including driver’s compensation. 

You may also gain experience and then start a ride-hailing business of your own. Since the population of Pakistan’s major cities like Karachi has increased, and traffic congestion has become a regular thing, people resist driving to places and rather feel comfortable in booking rides for traveling.

There is a huge market demand for such transport services in Pakistan, so there is a great scope for this business. To start a ride-sharing business of your own, you will have to follow the similar steps that other startups need to follow which include; 

  • Selecting a niche
  • Conduct market analysis 
  • Devising a business plan
  • Obtain necessary business license and pool in resources specifically cars
  • Hire drivers
  • Advertise

This initiative requires a high capital investment and extensive research of the market, especially competitors. Your success will rely on your analysis of the market and your efficiency at handling and managing all the other business requirements. 


Conclusively, no matter what business you opt for, you must keep in mind that you need to reach and market your work to the right and maximum audience. You need to research the market, and of course, knowing how to monetize is the real deal sealer. Without any research, there is hardly a chance of business success and sustainability in the long run. Moreover, it requires a highly active social media status and a close observation of the dynamics of the market.

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