Armed Robbers Steal 110 Mobile Phones and Licensed Pistol from Karachi Shopkeeper

In Karachi, an armed robbery occurred in the Korangi Industrial area, where four robbers seized 110 mobile phones and a licensed pistol from the shop owner, as reported by ARY News. Muhammad Nadim, the shopkeeper, reported the incident, stating that he had purchased the mobile phones for his shop in the Malik Usman Bilal Colony mobile market, totaling 1.42 million rupees. He was transporting the merchandise on a rickshaw when the robbery took place.

According to Nadim’s First Information Report (FIR), the rickshaw driver, who had been speaking on his phone throughout the journey, suddenly stopped the rickshaw, feigning a fuel problem, at Chamra Chorangi. At this point, four armed individuals on three motorcycles approached Nadim and forcibly took all the mobile phones, chargers, and his licensed pistol. Nadim also alleged the rickshaw driver’s involvement in the robbery.

Consequently, the rickshaw driver was apprehended and presented before the court for remand.

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