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Two Murder Convicts Hanged In Multan, Attock

Two Murder Convicts Hanged In Multan, Attock

MULTAN: Two death row convicts have been hanged till death  in Multan and Attock in Tuesday’s wee hours.

A death row prisoner, Muhammed Ali Karim, has been hanged on the gallows in Attock’s District Jail in today’s dark hours. The criminal slew a woman, Parveen Akhtar, during a robbery in 2003.

According to the jail sources, Karim awarded death sentenced by a sessions judge  in 2004

Another condemned murderer has met his hanging fate in Multan’s Central Jail early this morning. The death house inmate, Muhammed Akhtar, killed a man over bad blood in 1999.

A murder case was lodged in Sarai Sidhu of Khanewal. (Web Desk)


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